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Pure Sport searched the world for the best people to select and construct the Pure range of equipment.

Cricket bats made from the finest willow, and protection equipment made without compromise. The Willow  we source at the top end, is "Players Grade Willow". Not the junk passed of as top grade in some ranges, ours is the real deal !! We try to get our hands on a much a possible but it is rare and stocks are always limited, so first in best dressed!

The Handles are Sarawak Cane. Our Manufacturer in India owns the Sarawak Cane fields. These are the best handles you can get bar none! They are high performance and have great flex.

When developing Pure Sport's range of cricket equipment the team adopted a 'performance first' attitude, ensuring that if there was a better way to construct any of the products it would be pursued, with the end product's quality being the driving motivation - not the cost of manufacturing.  

Pure Sport equipment suits your style of play.

No compromises!