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Pure Sport products that have been damaged as a result of normal wear and tear, misuse or neglect, that have been repaired or modified without the authorization of Pure Sport or have been returned to Pure Sport without a valid receipt or proof of purchase, will not be considered for any refund or replacement action.

Pure Sport strives to ensure our products are as presented to the marketplace as perfect and as fit for purpose as possible.

If in a customer’s opinion, one of our products fails due to defective workmanship or faulty materials – the customer must contact us within seven (7) days of the product failure to register the issue. Pure Sport will then discuss replacement or refund options dependant on specific circumstances.

Pure Sport Pty Ltd will refund any product in brand new "Saleable" Condition purchased from this website if returned in original packaging with sale receipt. Pure Sport Pty Ltd can reject a refund or return claim if the product has been mistreated, not broken in properly (See Tips +Tools), involved in inappropriate activities, or damaged due to skill error, damaged due to natural disaster or is over one year old from date of purchase.

Cricket Bats are made from a natural fibre and have no guarantee as to life time and refunds or returns are to Pure Sports Pty Ltd digression. The handles are guaranteed for one year and a once off replacement (Re - Handling) can be claimed. Pure Sport Pty Ltd reserve to right to reject any claim is any of the above is not adhered to.

Any Pure Sport product quality related queries can be directed to: