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 "I have been lucky enough to be a sponsored player for some years and received free gear as a result. I would have gone through at least 20 bats in that time that are elite grade. In my opinion the Pure Sport Force and Pure Inferno are a cut above anything I have had in the past. They hit like a cannon ! "  Glenn also suggested I had a crack at the Pure Terror 1st Grade Kashmir bat . At first I was hesitant after some of the things I had heard about the Kashmir Willow but Glenn told me how this grade of Kashmir had never been released in Australia and to give it a go. Well again what a surprise these sticks were. For $130.00 a pop you could not do better! "I would have no hesitation in using these in any grade of cricket."

Tim Welsford (Captain Carlton C.C) Victorian Bushrangers Representative.



"I have found my pure bat simply easy to use. I find I need much less 'effort' in playing my shots, which has reduced pressure on my batting and allowed me to 'free up' and ultimately make more runs".

Graeme Sculley (Capt.) ST XI - Elaine Cricket Club.


 As a younger player I was nearly swayed into using a traditional brand bat. Thankfully a mate of mine got me on to Pure bats, The big feel with light pick-up gives me ability fine tune my shots. My Pure force has raised my average from 32.25 to 46.30 in just a season, I just love the balance and 'middle' of it.  

Nick Myall  -  Xavier College 1st XI


"Absolute Belters these sticks! " I Have been playing for 20 odd years and had heaps of bats and paid plenty for them. I have a Pure Force and a Pure Terror and they both kill any other bat I have used. Even better I didn't get ripped at the cash register!! Also, the protective gear is phenomenal value for money, couldn't be happier. Thanks Pure Sport and thanks Glenn!

Steven Paterson  (Captain) 1st Eleven - Riddels Creek C.C


"I liked them so much I became an Agent for Pure Sport ! ". You go to stores and try the known brands and get constantly disappointed even when you spend huge bucks. "I came across Pure Sport after a recommendation from a Friend of mine and was blown away by the performance." 

Steve Frost - Mitcham C.C