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Pure Sport is an Australian owned and run company founded in 2005. The company and most importantly the products were five years in the making. The company was originally founded by four cricket lovers, it is now left to three who have really started to take Pure Sport to the next level. This is thier story.

"I have played and loved cricket all my life. I became intrigued with cricket bat design in 2000/01 during the Australian tour to India. That was the first real glimpse into the bat making genius of the sub continent and it's dominance in hand made equipment on a world stage.

From here I started exploring the various manufacturers of cricket gear in the sub continent. By chance I came across a factory in India which was exactly what I was looking for. This company has been making cricket gear since 1925 in Pakistan. After India gained independence it started again in India. It has been a family business through out and has made equipment for most of the major brands.

The Head bat maker is 86 years old and is the "Guru" of bat making. He has his personal bat making crew, all of whom are rich with experience. Together we have collaborated in designing and making the "Pure" range that you see here on this web site. They have been designed with the highest quality being paramount. We want the average cricketer to be able to both acquire and afford international test quality cricket gear. Hence "Pure" is now the answer. We don't have the overheads of the big boys and we don't want them.

We involve Cricket Clubs at the grass roots level and other community based sporting organisations through a unique loyalty based program. The Pure Sport distribution plan is designed to re-direct profits back to the "grass roots" of cricket. Once a Pure Agent has listed your Club or sporting body on this web site, you will be given a special log in code and password.

If you use this code to purchase our gear, you will help your club or sporting organisation to receive some gear for free.

It is partnerships like this that "Pure Sport" is all about. We hope you enjoy your "Pure Sport" experiences. Please browse at your leisure. "Happy Cricket Shopping ".